Usage-based billing for API products

Kable helps API companies launch and grow their business with easy-to-use infrastructure that works at any scale
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The all-in-one toolkit for building great API products

Flexible billing for any business model

Optimize revenue with flat, tiered, or usage-based billing plans. Experiment with new pricing models with no code.

Custom pricing plans

Create plans tailored to each of your customers, or even price individual endpoints differently.

Automatic invoicing

Generate invoices automatically, and process them directly through our integration with Stripe.

Create a world class developer experience

Offer self-service tools and dashboards to your developer community, right out of the box.

Real-time analytics

Give customers visibility into the same usage metrics that power your dashboards

Self-service tools

Allow customers to configure alerts and manage API keys from within your developer portal

Three lines of code

Get up and running with Kable in less than 15 minutes with just 3 lines of code.
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Leader in Payments

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Focus Area
Billing for API products
Payments for anyone
Billing for any industry
Support for Usage Models
Payment Processing
Integrated with leader
Industry leader
Integrated with leader
Per-Customer Pricing Plans
Easy, no code required
Complicated, coding required
Decent, some coding required
Real-time Product Analytics
Customer-facing Dashboards
Implementation Time
15 minutes
1-2 weeks
2-4 weeks

Why Kable?

Engineers should build features that make their products great. Leave billing and authentication to us, and focus on what's most important for your business.
Save time and scale up with Kable.
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Flexible usage-based billing

Optimize revenue and create the perfect pricing plan for every customer

Automated invoice processing

Save time and money by automating monthly invoices, even for the most complex billing plans

Managed API permissions

Our authentication product allows you to launch without building your own key management system

Bring your product to market faster

Get up and running with Kable in under 15 minutes with just three lines of code

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