January Product Update

Entitlements, Teams, and new Alerts
Adam Sommer
January 16, 2023

Happy 2023! (Is it too late in the year for new year’s wishes? We don’t think so. Happy new year, everyone!)

The year is off to a strong start here at Kable. We were hard at work during the holiday season, and have several updates to share. We’re excited about what we’ve accomplished just two weeks into 2023, so let’s jump in!

Entitlement Management

Pricing and packaging are a key ingredient for a growing business. As a product evolves, monetizing new features and repackaging offers can drive sales and customer engagement. Managing access to features, rate limits, and customer permissions within a platform can be a serious challenge as offers evolve. 

This month we introduce entitlement management to Kable. With entitlements:

  • Gate access to specific API endpoints or sections of your customer portal 
  • Control system behaviors, like whether a platform customer’s experience is branded or whitelabeled
  • Enforce different rate limits for customers with different tiers of service
  • Run A/B tests for cohorts of users
  • …and so much more!
Attach entitlements to plans to manage customer access to features and endpoints

We’re really excited about this feature. We’ve already eliminated complexity around pricing – with entitlements we eliminate complexity around packaging. Entitlement management offers a new way for Kable customers to test and iterate quickly on new features and product offerings. You can read more about entitlements here

Interested in a kickoff call to start leveraging Kable’s entitlement management? Feel free to schedule a call!


Kable now supports self-service support for enterprise organizations. Add teammates to your Kable account, and control user roles and permissions from within your dashboard. 

Teams and RBAC
Add teammates and manage user RBAC permissions

To add a teammate or control user permissions, visit the Company tab of your dashboard and click Team. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding additional configurations around access and permissions (RBAC) – stay tuned!

Credit Balance Alerts

Usage threshold alerts were one of the most popular features we built last year. Businesses today use alerts to notify customers when usage has spiked, update permissions when a free quota has been exceeded, and even notify sales teams when there’s an opportunity for upsell.

Today we introduce credit balance alerts. You can now configure alerts based on usage or available credit balance. Get notified when a customers’ prepaid credit is running low, or revoke API access when a user’s balance reaches zero. 

Credit balance alerts are another way we help teams stay on top of their customers’ API consumption. You can read more about how to configure credit balance alerts in the documentation. If you have any questions, please let us know!

We’ve had a great kickoff to 2023 here at Kable. We hope your new year is off to a strong start as well! 

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Have questions about our latest features? Have ideas for something we should build next? Have thoughts about ways Kable could make your life easier or your product better? Let us know!

More updates coming soon – stay tuned,



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