October Product Update

Pay-as-you-go, credit grants, no-code, and new libraries
Adam Sommer
October 26, 2022

October Product Update

The leaves are changing colors, pumpkin spice lattes are back on the menu, and halloween is just around the corner. Happy October, everybody! 

We’ve been hard at work building out infrastructure to empower you to do more with your API, and we have a few exciting updates to share with you all. Let’s dive in!


Credits are not new to Kable. Neither is pre-purchasing credits for consumption throughout the course of a billing cycle. This month, though, we introduced true pay-as-you-go support to Kable.

You can now allow your customers to purchase arbitrary numbers of credits at any point in their billing cycle. As a balance is consumed, customers can replenish through ad-hoc credit grants. Use this API to offer your customers a true pay-as-you-go experience, to pay upfront for as much of your product as they want.

Perhaps you have customers who exceed their allotted plan quota in a given month. Allow them to buy top-up credits to replenish their account. Perhaps you’d rather allow your customers to create their own pricing plans than to select from predefined packages. Allow them to purchase variable credit amounts to fund their future usage. 

Credits give you the power to create new customer journeys through your purchase and account-management flows. You can learn more about ad-hoc credit grants in the documentation, or schedule some time to chat with the team about your specific use case. 

No-Code Sandbox

This one is for the non-technical folks, eager to learn what Kable is all about. Not a developer? No problem. Start sending test usage events directly from within your dashboard!

We built this feature to allow you to quickly explore what you can do with usage events without needing to open up your development environment. Thinking about tracking new metrics? Great. Contemplating what your dimensions might look like? Awesome. 

Use the no-code sandbox to experiment with Kable usage events. Configure your dashboards and your plans to explore what’s possible. And do it all before ever writing a line of code! 

(And if you’re a big fan of no-code, stay tuned – we have major updates in store for you in the coming weeks)

Revamped Client Libraries

This week we introduce revamped client libraries for Node, Python, and GoLang. It’s our goal to make Kable as user-friendly as possible, and excellent client libraries are part of that commitment. 

The latest versions of the libraries make it easier to separate the who and the what in your usage events. They also expose a transactionId field, useful for ensuring event idempotency. Update your libraries to the latest version and check your signatures to take advantage of the latest!

We’re always excited to hear customer feedback. And that means we want to hear from you! Questions about the product, thoughts about our roadmap, or ideas about ways we could make your life easier are what we love to hear. So tell us what you think!

As always, there’s more coming soon. 

Stay tuned,



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