September Product Update

QuickBooks integration, Query Events with SQL, Golang library, and a new dashboard UX
Adam Sommer
September 12, 2022

It’s starting to feel like Fall! And what an incredible week it’s been. To the sports fans, we welcome you back to football season and hope you enjoyed an incredible US Open. To the technology fans, we trust you’re enjoying reading about the new line of devices that Apple announced last week. And to those from the Y Combinator S22 batch, congratulations on a successful Demo Day!

This was a big month for Kable. We’re really excited to share the latest, so let’s get to it. 

QuickBooks Integration

Kable seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to push customer invoices into your general ledger. Setting up your QuickBooks integration is easy: 

  1. Connect your QuickBooks account to Kable from the accounting page of your dashboard. 
  2. Link Kable customers to their accounts on QuickBooks in the integrations section of the customer page.

That’s it! Once a Kable customer is linked to a QuickBooks customer, invoices generated for that customer will automatically be pushed into QuickBooks to keep your general ledger up to date and make your finance and operations teams’ lives easier.

You can find more information about connecting your QuickBooks account to Kable in the Accounting Integrations section of the documentation. If you have any questions about getting started with QuickBooks, please reach out.

Query your Events with SQL

Customers send us millions of usage events every day. That’s a lot of data! Your Kable dashboards are great for visualizing usage trends in your data and getting a firm understanding of how customers are using your API. But wouldn’t it be great if you could ask more specific questions of your data? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask super specific questions about a specific use case for a specific customer on a specific day? Or run complex analytics over your usage data? Well now you can. 

In the Queries page of your dashboard you will find a sleek SQL editor that allows you to ask anything about your usage events. Anything you might ask of your database, your engineers, or your data science team can now be queried directly from Kable.

Kable is your go-to source for data-related questions about your API usage. If you have thoughts about other ways to leverage your usage data, let us know!

Go Library

For the Go developers, we’re sorry we’ve been neglecting you! We’ve just rolled out a Go library that will allow you to add Kable to your Go API in a matter of minutes. 

Like all of our supported libraries, the Go SDK has queuing and batching built-in. That means minimal impact to your API’s latency – only a tiny subset of requests that hit your API will actually trigger a call to Kable’s servers – with all the benefits of Kable. 

You can find the Kable Go library on GitHub, and read more about implementing Kable in Go in the documentation

Dashboard UX Enhancements

Your dashboard is mission control for your usage and financial data. And for those who use Kable’s embedded dashboards, your dashboard is a core part of your product. We’ve redesigned the core Kable dashboard UX to simplify the controls, remove unnecessary toggles, and make every inch of available space count. 

This is a major release for Kable. With new integrations, new ways to use your data, and a new UX, we’re really excited to hear what you think. 

Your feedback makes Kable better for you and for the rest of the community. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

As always, there’s more coming next month. 

Stay tuned,



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